The 10,000 Madonnas blog tour commences with an interview at Pandora's Books about the title, the idea, the message, and the afternoon I spent watching German karaoke videos on YouTube.

In my first interview about 10,000 Madonnas, I manage to use the phase "a frozen version of the ham-sandwich-and-banana smoothie." You're welcome.

The American Booksellers Association asks me questions about Vigilante Poets, my current projects, and whether I think YA is important (spoiler: I do).

I confess my Wikipedia procrastination habit and my adoration for Ruby Oliver in this interview at Orchid Forsythia’s blog.

I discuss my choice to write contemporary YA, among other weighty matters, at YA Reads.

What horrific pun was rejected as a title for Vigilante Poets? Find out here.

I regale the world with advice — specifically, query/agent advice — on the wonderful Dee Romito’s blog.